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The Omegames Miniatures Production Blog will keep you updated on all our current and upcoming projects as well as giving you insight into our creative process.

Production Blog #2

We end this week with work on the Giants Hand base sculpt for the Printable Encounter sets, along with a free scatter terrain file which will be available early next week!

Kaevis has been working on the Giant Hand base sculpt. These will come in 4 themes with a matching skull and spine/rib-cage.

Mitchell has been working on a free terrain file, consisting of a large door to nowhere, with unknown forces leaking out. This will be ready for download before the 7th, so be sure to look forward to it!

Below is the basic shape, with more detail and inscription to be added before it’s release.

Next week we will start focusing the large majority of our time on the Printable Encounters, so there won’t be any free files for a while. We hope you understand as we strive to create some fantastic pieces that we hope you all enjoy!

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