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Screaming Stone Set

Welcome back!

This blog will be about our next set from the upcoming project and the production processes behind our creation. The Kickstarter for our first project goes live on the 25th of this month.

The second set to be revealed is the Screaming Stone set. Consisting of six unique themed miniatures sculpted in ZBrush, this set was designed to bring an ominous feeling to whatever tabletop games or dioramas they are placed on. This set goes fantastically with any spooky setting, great for haunted caves or ruins, and they look great when on a board with other ghostly miniatures.

While designing this set we had tabletop RPG games in the forefront of our minds. We wanted to make some static objects to bring to the game board that added a sense of danger to whatever situation your party of adventurers have found themselves in. We wanted to make miniatures that will keep players wondering if they are just decorative sculptures or if they could spring to life and possess them at any moment.

When designing these miniatures we focused on strong defined edges to give a cut stone appearance. This was an important factor in making sure each Stone had a recognisable shape and feel while all remaining significantly unique from one another. We also sculpted the skulls onto the stones in 3 different styles. Some are designed to look as if they are breaking out of the stone with sharp cracks and fractured rock surrounding the skull. Some are designed to look as if they are merged with the stone with the skulls pulling and stretching the stone around them like a membrane. Others were designed to look like they are entirely one with the stone, with the majority of the stone structure being a part of the skulls.

These design choices were important as we print them to match 28mm scale miniatures with the tallest of the stones standing 35mm tall. While the digital models still looked great when scaled up to be considerably larger than how we print them, we recommend the given scale as we feel that it gives them the most dynamic look on the table.

Stay tuned as we reveal more of our creations over the next 5 days. The next to be revealed is the Fantasy Living Set this Friday the 20th! And don't forget, if you are interested in getting your hands on the .STL files or a printed set, check out and support our Kickstarter on the 25th!

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