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Fantasy Living Set

Welcome Back!

Today’s blog reveal and discussion is on the Fantasy Living set! This set, alongside three more, will be available to purchase on Wednesday the 25th! Less than a week away!

While a bit tamer than our other sets, these miniatures are great for a more grounded fantasy setting. Consisting of six miniatures, our goal was to allow for thematic freedom in a wide selection of tabletop games. We designed this set to cover a large variety of fantasy living spaces, from lavish Elven quarters to quaint but mysterious attics.


An additional goal of this set was to reach beyond just tabletop games. These minis can be used around the home as creative decorations and are easy to paint, allowing for a unique flair. Subtle details are hidden on the surface of the miniatures that paint enhances and many find miniature painting an enjoyable and relaxing hobby. The launch of our Kickstarter will display a painted collection of our sets, so stay up to date to see them for yourself.

Our next and final set for the Kickstarter will be shown on Monday the 23rd, with the Kickstarter itself launching two days later! All of the sets will be purchasable as digital files for home printing or resin 3D prints mailed to you. There is even a discount for the entire collection of miniatures, all available on the 25th!


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