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The Fallen Titans Kickstarter! - Production Blog #10

We have been working on it for a while now and we are very happy to say that our Fallen Titans Kickstarter is now live! Check out the rendered turntables below and find out how you can help us achieve our goal.

Click here to get involved with our Kickstarter!

There are 4 backer tiers to choose from and we have plans for some stretch goals that all tiers will receive it we achieve them.

Clean Fallen Titan Set

The giant remains of this once great Titan still pulse with its ancient power. Creatures of all sizes are drawn to these mighty bones seeking the power inside. The mighty Ogre that has made them its home attacks anyone who gets too close by hurling giant boulders at them.

Overgrown Fallen Titan Set

Reclaimed by the forces of nature, these remains have been taken over by a variety of flora. Feeding from the bones mysterious energy has warped these plants, giving them all rare and unique properties. A small ogre has taken up residence here, but don’t lets its size fool you. This ogre has bonded with the flora around it and can harness the powers of nature to defend its land from intruders.

Chaotic Fallen Titan Set

The remains of an evil one horned titan, this skeleton radiates dark energies. Those who align themselves with such evil powers are often found here, performing rituals and sacrifices to the dark gods. A particularly evil ogre can often be found here. Created from a disturbing experiment at this very location, a particularly evil ogre can often be found here. Legend says he is looking for his creators so he can devour them.

Arctic Fallen Titan Set

Some very smart people once worked out how to harness the power of the bones to run there machines and keep them warm and protected from the freezing cold environment outside. Those people are now long gone and all that wanders the remains is a ogre so accustomed to the cold he has become part ice. unique among ogres for his intelligence, this ogre has build himself a terrifying power pick from things he has found in the ruins.

We are so happy to be able to share all this with you all, and we would be extremely grateful for any and all support!

Stay posted for updates on the Kickstarters progress, the stretch goals, and everything else we will be up to in the future!

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