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The Omegames Miniatures Production Blog will keep you updated on all our current and upcoming projects as well as giving you insight into our creative process.

Production Blog #12

We are back with some updates on what we have been doing! Below is a finished sculpt of an Abomination from the game we are creating! Our working name for it is Charger. We will have it printed very very soon so be sure to check out the next blog to see that!

Here are 2 images of another Abomination from our game that we are currently calling the Big Fatty. Sculpting him has been a strange mix of disgusting and fun!

And finally we have some prints of an old set of ours, the Petrified Dragon! We recently got a new print bed for our printer and are now slowly working our way through printing every STL file we have on the store and for free!

Be sure to check out our next blog for more prints and updates on our work!

Omegames Miniatures